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“It is only in the pursuit of perfection can a person,

organization or company catch excellence!”

                                                     – Gerald Taylor

                                                 TPMG LLC

                                                                    Managing Consultant

To pursue is to follow or take action in an attempt to over take or capture something of value.  To advance along a course of action by applying one’s or an organization’s energy to its chief interest.  To a private sector company, this pursuit consists of boosting revenues, innovating, improving quality, or increasing efficiencies. In the public sector and non-profit arenas, this pursuit involves using assets to create long lasting value for the common good.  Whether in the public sector or seeking profits for shareholders, decision-makers are seeking for tools to help them make it happen.

The current environment of globalization, intense competition and economic instability has increased the challenges managers face.  Leaders today must be more knowledgeable than ever as they sort through the options and select the appropriate methods and right management tools for improving their organizations.  They must choose an approach that will help them make the right decisions which lead to profitable growth and superior performance.

Selection and use of such tools requires an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each tool as well as an ability to successfully integrate them in the right way, at the right time. The secret is not in discovering a magic bullet.  In reality, no such thing exists.  What does exist is the advice and counsel of industry experts.  Proper guidance from solid expertise can make all of the difference between success and professional failure.  To help inform managers about the tools available to them, The Performance Management Group (TPMG LLC) launched a multiyear research project (2007) to gather data, facts and information regarding the most proven methods and best practices in industry.   The result of our efforts will be published in successive guides to managers called, Knowledge Space™.

The goal of Knowledge Space™ is to provide decision-makers with:

  1. An overview and description of different leadership tools and proven practices.
  2. An understanding of how the methods are used to bring about favorable results and compare to other organizations across industries and around the globe.
  3. The information they need to identify, select, and integrate the right approach to improve their organization’s performance.

 What is Knowledge Space?

Knowledge Space™ is a dynamic system of advice and education.  It consists of published guides, blogs, and online instructional workshops.  In Knowledge Space™, leaders will find research and education which provide a number of important insights including, the extent to which:

  1. Industry leaders are satisfied with certain management practices, their rates of usage, ease of implementation, and effectiveness.
  2. Methods are effective when used individually or when part of a major organizational effort.
  3. Approaches achieve better results.

In our Knowledge Space™ guides, we describe management practices, how they are used, related topics and the value they offer.  Through our primary and secondary research, we determine the extent to which each approach is being deployed and its rate of success.

In December 2012, TPMG Educational Services will establish Knowledge Space™BlogIn this blog, you can read free cutting edge research and information regarding leading practices that are proven to bring about success.  You can converse with leading professionals and gain practical insight from their experience and comments.  You will also find multimedia case studies and instructional videos that will sharpen your skill sets and help you build your own professional capital.

In January of 2013, TPMG Educational Services will establish Knowledge Space™ SeminarsKnowledge Space™ Seminars are inexpensive online self-paced  multimedia AND live skill building workshops which will help you refresh your credentials and build on your professional development.

Welcome to Knowledge Space™ Blog!

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