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You can afford to become Balanced Scorecard certified this year!

Balanced Certification for $700.00?  Too good to be true!

TPMG is providing Performance Management Balanced Scorecard certification training for $700.00.  This promotion is TPMG’s regular certification curriculum and body of knowledge.  However, because of the low price, there are some constraints.


  1. The price will include online access for 10 weeks – Next Class beginning March  11 , 2013.  Each balanced scorecard candidate will have un-fettered access to TPMG’s self-paced balanced scorecard online classroom and content library.
  2. The training will be conducted online (self-paced and blended).  Designed for working professionals and other online learners, TPMG’s Online PMBsc course delivers comprehensive coursework in all facets of the balanced scorecard strategic management system.  The class is patterned after online Global MBA Management Courses.   A TPMG Balanced Scorecard Instructor will also be provided, once per week for 5 weeks, to conduct 3 hour live instruction and review sessions.
  3. To further cohort interaction, you will lockstep with your classmates for the duration of the program and have opportunities to meet and study together online.  You will have:
    • Immediate access to coursework at anytime from anywhere
    • Engaging online lectures (live and self-paced)
    • Interactive chats/bulletin boards
    • Online collaboration with your BSC Instructor and classmates using technology of modern global business
  4. The balanced scorecard certification test is included in the $700.00 price (taken online).
  5. Each participant will receive a hard copy binder or soft copy/PDF file of the TPMG Performance Management Balanced Scorecard Manual.

If these terms are acceptable to you and you wish to become a TPMG Performance Management Balanced Scorecard candidate for this promotion, Contact TPMG directly by clicking here!


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