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Robotics Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an affordable solution for organizations to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency.  Robots used in RPA interact with applications to perform many mundane tasks such as re-keying data, logging into applications, moving files and folders, copying and pasting and much more.

  • In banking, simple processes like deposits and transfers are perfect for RPA.
  • In insurance, filing and processing claims, underwriting and countless other tasks.
  • The administrative side of healthcare can measurably reduce cost by more than 35%.

RPA is particularly suitable for processes with high human error rates by helping to avoid rework and other error implications like reputational or regulatory risks.   We can help you explore the opportunities!


RPA Delivery Framework

Through a simple seven step process, TPMG delivers a low-cost solution for process improvement along with a simple and inexpensive software-based technology. It sits on top of other applications, requires no special hardware, and works well in almost any IT environment.

RPA COE Process 4.0

Robotics Process Automation Center of Excellence

The TPMG RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) functions as a Global Shared Service Center  flexible enough to fit with your firm’s business model.  Your company can rely on it to perform functions such as:

  • assessing and prioritizing processes to be automated
  • developing RPA bots and putting them into production
  • developing and implementing change management programs
  • performing the required process re-engineering before the selected process is automated
  • making sure the robots run without any issues
  • performing security and compliance (e.g. audit trails)
  • That’s not all,  you also get highest level of enterprise grade security

Given your needs, our CoE can centralize an RPA team in one location and deploy efforts remotely.  Our team can also perform in a managed services framework and deploy RPA developers across global functions and/or geographies.  Either way, we are structured to maintain constant interaction with your business in order to understand and respond to your needs.

[View Robotics Process Automation Demo]

What is your process automation project?

Contact us today to schedule a cost benefit analysis.  We can help you explore the opportunities!

TPMG RPA Center of Excellence (CoE)










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