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Online Balanced Scorecard Certification Program

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The Online Performance Management Balanced Scorecard Certification Program The Online Performance Management Balanced Scorecard Certification program program is your choice of a rigorous 9 unit 37 lesson online self-paced or blended learning workshop that provides you with a step-by-step method for designing and implementing the balanced scorecard strategic management system.  The course helps you master a focus on the future through the art of formulating successful strategies and translating those strategies into performance measures and targets.  Equipped with a proven method for developing and deploying strategy; you will be prepared to execute winning strategies that add and sustain value.
Why Become a Certified Performance Management Balanced Scorecard Professional?

1.  Improve your earnings potential.
2.  Build your credentials.
3.  Increase your professional capital and market value.
4.  Expand your professional network.
5.  Enhance your strategy and performance management Salary
Survey Title:  Balanced Scorecard
Average Yearly Salary as of 4/2/2011:  $135,000.00
Special Note:   Average balanced scorecard salaries for job postings nationwide are 84% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.Course ContentUpon successful completion of the certification process each graduate will become an expert at the profession of corporate strategy and performance management.  The expertise will include:

1. Conducting Industry and Market Analysis.
2. Assessing the Core Competencies of your Organization.
3. Formulating Strategy.
4. Implementing Strategy and a Performance Management System.
5. Establishing a Dashboard of Key Performance Indicators.

Online Blended Program

Designed for working professionals, this course delivers comprehensive coursework in all facets of balanced scorecard certification.  The class is patterned after online Global MBA Management Courses.   A TPMG Balanced Scorecard Master is provided, once per week for 4 weeks, to conduct 3 hour live instruction and review sessions.

To further cohort interaction, you will lock step with your classmates for the duration of the program with opportunities to meet and study together online.  You will have:

  • Immediate access to coursework at anytime from anywhere
  • Engaging online lectures (live and self-paced)
  • Interactive chats/bulletin boards
  • Online collaboration with your Master Black Belt Instructor and classmates using technology of modern global business

Performance Management BSC Certification Requirements

Certified Graduates:

*  Must complete the online boot camp certification workshop.
*  Must successfully complete the certification exam.
*  Candidates will dive deep into the stages of the balanced scorecard method.

Certified Masters:

*  Must also successfully implement a company, operational or department level balanced scorecard.

Each Candidate Will Receive

1.  TPMG’s 220+ page Performance Management Balanced Scorecard Manual
2.  TPMG’s Balanced Scorecard Best Practices Study Guide of Case Studies, Documents and Templates
3.  3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)


TPMG balanced scorecard mentors keep ONLINE OFFICE HOURS for live coaching and support.   These coaching hours are offered as a free service for those who participate in TPMG Certification training.  Contact TPMG directly for details.


Next Online Blended Class:    Friday   July 14, 2017 Enroll today!

Enrollment Fees:Enrollment fees include 6 months access to the online boot camp, certification exam and online mentoring for certified BSC graduates; fees for masters certification also include BSC project review and one-on-one coaching.

Certified Performance Management Balanced Scorecard Graduates:  $3,500.00

Performance Management Balanced Scorecard Master’s Certification:  $5,000.00
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  1. I am very much interested in your on line course bcos I am a busy worker and don’t have the time to attend any of your offsite courses. My problem is that I don’t have a any of the credit cards you have specified as means of payment. I am wondering if I can’t use my bankers to transfer the required money to you. Although your advert says the cost of enrolling is US$700 while on the payment page it is US$2,500. Kindly direct me I am eager to enroll. My best regards.


  2. O.D Banno says:

    Me too, I want to enroll for an online Performance Management Balanced Scorecard Certification and use a bank ( dont have credit card) to do payments from Africa. Would you please advice me on how to go about the whole issue. Will the word “ONLINE…” appear in the certificate (hardcopy). Thanking you in advance


  3. Hello i am also interested in enrolling for the Masters Certificate but the enrollment fee is captured as $795 while the payment page says $2,995 can you please clear this. It would be nice to commence this online as i am a fully employed consultant.


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