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The Performance Management Balanced Scorecard Certification Program – On Campus Program

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The Performance Management Balanced Scorecard Certification program is a rigorous 5 day on-campus workshop that provides you with a step-by-step method for designing and implementing the balanced scorecard strategic management system.  The course helps you focus on the future through the art of formulating successful strategies and translating those strategies into performance measures and targets.  Equipped with a proven method for developing and deploying strategy; you will be prepared to execute winning strategies that sustain value.

Why Become a Certified Performance Management Balanced Scorecard Professional?

1.  Improve your earnings potential.
2.  Build your credentials.
3.  Increase your professional capital and market value.
4.  Expand your professional network.
5.  Enhance your strategy and performance management expertise. Salary Survey

Title:  Balanced Scorecard Strategic Planner
Average Yearly Salary as of 8/6/2014:  $82,000.00
Special Note:   Average balanced scorecard salaries for job postings nationwide are 43% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.

Course Content

Upon successful completion of the certification process each graduate will become an expert at the profession of corporate strategy and performance management.  The expertise will include:

1. Conducting Industry and Market Analysis.
2. Assessing the Core Competencies of your Organization.
3. Formulating Strategy.
4. Implementing Strategy and a Performance Management System.
5. Establishing a Dashboard of Key Performance Indicators.

Performance Management BSC Certification Requirements

Certified Graduates:

  1. Must complete the boot camp certification workshop.
  2. Must successfully complete the certification exam.
  3. Candidates will dive deep into the stages of the balanced scorecard method.

Certified Masters:

*  Must also successfully implement a company, operational or department level balanced scorecard.

Each Candidate Will Receive

1.  TPMG’s 220+ page Performance Management Balanced Scorecard Manual
2.  TPMG’s Balanced Scorecard Best Practices Study Guide of Case Studies, Documents and Templates
3.  3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Additional Value Add

Each attendee will receive a free 1 full year membership in the Association for Strategic Planning and the related subscription to Booz-Allen’s quarterly e-magazine Strategy + Business. OR

Each attendee will receive a free 1 full year membership in the Strategic Planning Society and a free online subscription to Long Range Planning, worth over £100, and a free print subscription to Strategy Magazine – only available to SPS members.


TPMG balanced scorecard mentors will be keeping ONLINE OFFICE HOURS for live coaching and support.   These coaching hours are offered as a free service for those who participate in TPMG Certification training.  Contact TPMG directly for details.

Enrollment Fees:

Enrollment fees include the 4 day on-campus boot camp, the certification exam and online mentoring for certified BSC graduates

Certified Performance Management Balanced Scorecard Graduates:  $2,500.00 Early Registration; $3,500.00 Regular Registration

Enroll Today!  Next Training Dates:

Enrollment Page>>>>>>>Click Here!

Third Quarter:    Balanced Scorecard Certification Phoenix, Arizona,   Sept  8 – 12, 2014 – Now Enrolling!

Fourth Quarter:  Balanced Scorecard Certification Phoenix, Arizona,    Nov  3 –  7,  2014 – Now Enrolling!
To register or for more information, contact TPMG directly at 623.643.9837 or  Click Here!

Early Registration Deadline:  Always close of business, 4  weeks prior to 1st day of event!
Regular Registration Deadline:  Always close of business, 1  week prior to 1st day of event!



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