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Harvard Professor – Clayton Christensen on Disruptive Innovation & Predicting Economic Outcomes


Christensen explores how the theory can explain why the economies of America, England and Japan have stagnated. He also uses the theory to analyse how economies in Asia have achieved prosperity and to examine why countries such as Mexico are not experiencing economic growth.


Harvard Professor: Clayton Christensen on Management – Oxford Presentation


In the second of his lectures for Saïd Business School, Clayton Christensen gives an insight into management thinking and dated practices that hinder management decision-making and the profitability of companies. He gives the examples of managers focusing too heavily on gross margins

Deming’s 14 Points to Improving Quality, Productivity and Economic Value


Deming’s 14 to Improving Processes and Profits!  Excerpts from the Deming Library with Dr. Deming, Robert Reich, Lloyd Dobbins and Clare Crawford Mason.


Clayton Christensen “Be the Disruptor” | Nieman Foundation


Clayton M. Christensen and David Skok, NF ’12 talk disruption in journalism.

US Competitiveness: Harvard Business School Professor – Micheal Porter

Michael Porter, a Harvard professor and expert on U.S. competitiveness, says chief executives must shift their thinking away from simply making money to also.

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The Leadership Plan: Boone Pickens at TEDxOStateU

Oklahoma State University alum, oil entrepreneur and billionaire Boone Pickens debuted his leadership speech at TEDxOStateU. Pickens gives tips and tricks for becoming a successful leader.

Journey to Perfect: Mayo Clinic and the Path to Quality

The voices of Mayo Clinic’s quality transformation share how the organization created patient-centered, reliable care across more than 70 locations. Hear from Dr. Stephen Swensen, M.D., a world-class radiologist and chief quality officer at Mayo Clinic; James A. Dilling, co-administrator of Mayo’s Office of Quality; and Martha McClees, director, Strategic Funding Office, Mayo Clinic.
This video was created through a partnership with Northwestern University, Mayo Clinic, and ASQ.

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