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Journey to Perfect: Mayo Clinic and the Path to Quality

The voices of Mayo Clinic’s quality transformation share how the organization created patient-centered, reliable care across more than 70 locations. Hear from Dr. Stephen Swensen, M.D., a world-class radiologist and chief quality officer at Mayo Clinic; James A. Dilling, co-administrator of Mayo’s Office of Quality; and Martha McClees, director, Strategic Funding Office, Mayo Clinic.
This video was created through a partnership with Northwestern University, Mayo Clinic, and ASQ.


The Leadership Plan: Boone Pickens at TEDxOStateU

Oklahoma State University alum, oil entrepreneur and billionaire Boone Pickens debuted his leadership speech at TEDxOStateU. Pickens gives tips and tricks for becoming a successful leader.

Business Analytics: Data Trends Let Businesses Spot New Opportunities

See how smarter analytics and the insights derived from it, lets various industries and businesses spot new opportunities, and uncover hidden connections.

Defining Strategy for Senior Leaders: Prof. Michael Porter


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Think Forum – The New Global Landscape

The Forum on Leadership – Fareed Zakaria on The New Global Landscape – The Long View

Strategy – The 5 Forces That Shape Strategy


THINK Forum – A Conversation on the Importance of Systems Thinking

THINK Forum – A Conversation on the Importance of Systems Thinking

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