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Talks at Google – Clayton Christensen: “Where does Growth come from?”


Clayton Christensen Lecture: Disruptive Innovation, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

In the first of his lectures for Saïd Business School, Clayton Christensen explains his theory of disruption, drawing on examples of innovations occurring in the steel industry and from leading companies such as Toyota, Sony, Walmart and Indian refrigerator manufacturer, Godrej. Christensen explores how the theory can explain why the economies of America, England and Japan have stagnated. He also uses the theory to analyse how economies in Asia have achieved prosperity and to examine why countries such as Mexico are not experiencing economic growth.

Harvard Professor – Clayton Christensen The Process of Strategy Formulation and Implementation

In the second of his lectures for Saïd Business School, Clayton Christensen gives an insight into the ‘panda’s thumbs’ of management thinking- dated practices that hinder management decision-making and the profitability of companies. He gives the examples of managers focusing too heavily on gross margins rather than net profit and refusing to reduce their production costs as a way of avoiding disruption by smaller companies. He then gives an insight his Job to be Done theory.

Clayton Christensen “Be the Disruptor” | Nieman Foundation


Clayton M. Christensen and David Skok, NF ’12 talk disruption in journalism.

Strategy – The 5 Forces That Shape Strategy


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