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TPMG Global® Online Leadership Academy Master Class Series Presents: “Improving CSAT Scores and Customer Retention”

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Start Your Journey Toward Improving Customer Retention and CSAT Scores Today!

A recent Harvard Business School report found that “increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by more than 35%.”   Research by Adobe shows that 8% of repeat customers are responsible for 41% of total online revenue in the U.S., 26% of total online revenue in Europe and 16% of total online revenue in the U.K..  Moreover, only 22 percent of customer experience (CX) leaders report their CX efforts succeed. (Gartner 2018), and just 23% of respondents claim tangible benefits from CX investments. (Customer Think 2018).

Join our online Master Class: “Improving CSAT/NPS Scores and Customer Retention.”  In this workshop, learn the type of careful qualitative and quantitative analysis that help global companies create and sustain better customery loyalty from their customer experience initiatives.

Learn to:

  1. Properly interpret Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter  surveys.
  2. Pinpoint which factors most strongly influence willingness to recommend.
  3. Tie drivers of customer satisfaction directly to CX initiatives.
  4. Implement industry best practices from award-winning global companies.

Designed for customer experience professionals, this class is patterned after online Global MBA Management Courses.  Participants will have:

  • Engaging online lectures
  • Interactive chats/bulletin boards
  • Online collaboration with TPMG Global® Faculty Members and classmates using technology of modern global business

Competency Based Leadership Education Platform©

This program is part of TPMG’s Competency Based Education Platform©. Those who complete the program will not only receive a Certificate for Improving Customer Retention and  CSAT Scores, but will also earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The Continuing Education Units awarded are globally recognized units designed to provide a record of an individual’s continuing education accomplishments. One CEU is awarded for each 10 contact hours of instruction and time allocated toward customer experience initiatives.

Course Fee:   $USD 205.00

Next Class:

  • Wednesday  6/29/2021  0800 – 1200 USPacific Time (registration deadline 6/25)

Each learner will receive:

  1. A step-by-step guide to overcome common flaws of customer survey interpretation and customer experience initiatives.
  2. A best practice presentation on “Improving the Customer Experience.”
  3. Complimentary post-workshop coaching from a designated TPMG Faculty Member.
  4. The TPMG Global® Playbook: “Improving the Customer Experience – A Guide to Better CSAT/Net Promoter Scores and Customer Retention.”

 The course is offered online live instruction.

Enroll on the TPMG Global Website:

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